Listed below are a few sound bytes that are from the Trilogy. They are broken down by movie.


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Star Wars

Whatjunk.wav What a piece of junk 32k
Price.wav Price on your head 116k
Liltwerp.wav Malfunctioning little twerp 41k
Saberon.wav Light sabre turned on 53k
Hokey.wav Hokey religions 83k
Recogniz.wav Recognized your foul stench 72k
Nevrback.wav Never coming back to this planet 47k
Withyou.wav The Force will be with you, always 53k
Undrestm.wav Don't underestimate the Force 53k

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The Empire Strikes Back

Chortle2.wav Yoda Laughing 40k
Useforce.wav Use the Force 35k
Dontmake.wav Don't make me destroy you 60k
Wontfail.wav I wont fail you 25k
Whyyou.wav You stuck up nerf herder 104k
Laughup.wav Laugh it up fuzzball 36k
Cannon1.wav Ion cannon fire 61k
Swtchoff.wav Oh, switch off 27k
Tauntaun.wav Tauntaun snorting 36k

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Return of the Jedi

Badfelln.wav I've got a bad feelin' about this 59k
Acqusitn.wav Good, new acquisitions 69k
Doomed.wav We're doomed 17k
Ewok3.wav Wicket talking 15k
Divine.wav Use your divine influence 93k
Hohohoho.wav Jabba laughing 77k
Cmongnrl.wav C'mon General, let's move 31k
Goodinu.wav There is good in you 32k
Cantescp.wav You can not escape your destiny 44k
Mustobey.wav I must obey my master 58k
900years.wav When 900 yrs old you reach 172k

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